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We mobilize large funds to invest in high-impact companies, technologies and projects for a more sustainable, equitable and diverse future.

Our Fields

Blockchain & AI

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally changing how we think about capital, ownership and valuation, while AI already enables unparalleled levels of data processing and analysis. At WorldLab, we aim to apply these rapidly evolving technologies to bridge between the legacy world of centralized financial management to decentralized finance and a more equitable, accessible and informed future of asset ownership, distribution and management for all.

Renewable Energy

While we all share the responsibility to mitigate climate change and ensure a sustainable habitat for future generations, At WorldLab, we also believe that the convergence of new technologies in the renewable energy eco-system can at the same time offer significant economic advantages and unprecedented opportunities for regional and social development in previously disadvantaged communities. By combining environmental responsibility and economic opportunity, our projects solve practical problems while delivering sustainable growth.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Regional development relies on efficient connectivity for people and goods between major hubs of economic activity. At WorldLab, we invest in infrastructure and logistics projects that enhance the links between such hubs and spur economic development along these corridors of transportation. While traditionally, such long-term projects were the sole responsibility of governments, we believe that execution through Public-Private Partnerships provide for a greater likelihood of success. Our companies specialize in such collaborations.

Health & Education

As the global pandemic illustrates, not only is more investment required in the research towards increasing our knowledge about human health and our relationship with the biological environment, but equally important is how such knowledge is distributed and taught. We believe that investing in increased research of human health and longevity combined with improving scientific education is critical. At the same time, we invest in the adoption of new technologies that can enhance the safety and health of our built environment, allowing us to continue to be productive even as more pandemics appear inevitable.

Sports & Entertainment

Adoption of significant changes in attitude and social change is challenging and can take a long time. Such adoption can often be realized more organically through such natural activities as Sports, which has the unique ability to build global communities around a shared interest while cutting through traditional boundaries; and Entertainment, where through creative storytelling, new narratives and attitudes can be explored and communicated to a broad audience. Furthermore, Sports & Entertainment industries are often the earliest adopters of new technologies. At WorldLab, we invest in Sports & Entertainment to affect such social change in a positive way.

Jucov Foundation

We realize that not all investments towards a sustainable and more equitable future can yield economic profits. Some necessary initiatives, especially those that are long-term, may never return any profits but remain absolutely critical. For such initiatives, the Jucov Foundation provides funding and support on a non-profit basis. At the same time, we believe that such charitable investing needs to be coordinated within a holistic economic approach so that the changes that are implemented can be sustainable. To us, equitable access to aid should not be a temporary act that may in the short-term just make us feel charitable but rather establish a strong foundation for selfsustaining growth and continuous development.



“World Lab Technologies, Inc. commit ourselves to meeting the unprecedented challenges that the world currently faces. We believe that through our dedication to science, technology and execution of Impact Projects, we can make positive, meaningful and practical change.

We must start from a concrete and solid foundation and we have identified significant projects in CEE, where we believe such impact can be made with both short-term and long-term benefits. These initiatives require funding and to that end, we have spent years in preparation to finally issue Senior Notes with the intent to execute these important initiatives and projects. The world in 2020 has been forever changed in a short amount of time.

Our corporation was founded precisely based on our belief that we can work together to meet these changes and challenges and ultimately make a positive and profound difference.”

Alexandr Jucov

Founder & CEO


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